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About Us

Just Beauty Laser Clinic in Coventry is a well established Beauty and Laser Clinic. Offering a wealth of Beauty and Laser treatments as well as many other services. Most of our treatments are available for both Ladies and Gents.

Jas initially set up the business in 2006 working from a single room and now expanded into a state of art clinic. Over a period of years Jas has built up a long client list based on honesty, trust and by producing results to cater for the needs of the clients. Clients have continued to increase via the word of mouth and based on reputation along with a very high level of service.

We treat each individual how we would wish and expect to be treated ourselves and offer a high quality personal service.

Our aim is to continue this and constantly work on improving service levels as well as the range of treatments we offer using the latest technology. Our equipment is upgraded on a regular basis and latest treatments are offered.

All our Therapist are Fully Qualified and Trained to the highest standard. Furthermore all Therapists and Staff members attend regular training to ensure their skills are kept up to date with the latest changes and services we offer. Jas, a fully qualified and trained Laser Therapists has 10 years of experience in both IPL & Laser treatments and is here to help to maintain the salon at a very high standard.

We offer a warm and friendly environment to all and do our best to provide a first class service every time.

Diode Laser & IPL Hair Removal Information
We offer a FREE patch test and a consultation for all Laser Hair Removal IPL & Laser Treatments. This will give you the option to ask any questions, discuss prices & packages. You will be able to meet the laser therapist who can tell you more about what type of equipment is used and how the treatment will work. Our IPL and Diode Laser are both suitable for all skin and most hair types. No laser or IPL will treat white hairs as there is no pigment. Therefore, we offer electrolysis for this treatment. The patch test and consultation applies to all clients, even if you have been treated with laser or IPL previously. This is because most salons have different equipment and work on different settngs and temperatures. If you require a second consultation you will be charged £25.

Treatments Times
Treatment times may vary from person to person. We do book estimated treatment times. These times can be shorter or longer depending on circumstances.

Appointment Reminders
From time to time you may receive a phone call or voicemail prior to your appointment to confirm that you are able to attend. This may not always be the case as it is your responsibility to turn up to your booked appointment.

If you are late for your appointment!
If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your appointment! You may not be seen and/or you may have to re-book and/or your treatment time maybe reduced and/or you may lose a treatment. You are required to pay for one treatment in advance. This applies to clients paying per session.

Cancellation & Change of Appointments
You must leave a voice mail giving JBLC 48 hrs notice on 02476 666744 in the event of a cancellation or change of appointment. This voice mail will register the time and date of your call. We cannot accept calls to our mobile phone or text messages in this situation as all calls must be recorded at the clinic. This applies to all clients as we have a 24hr voice mail system.

Treatment Payments & for those on a course of Treatments
We will require you to have a FREE consultation before purchasing any treatment package. From this we can discuss which treatment will be most suitable for you and therefore you can decide if you wish to purchase a package or pay per treatment. For individual treatment payments you are required to pay for 1 treatment in advance. If you have purchased a course of treatments you will be advised upon signing up how long your package is valid for. The benefit of this is that we need to keep a routine for our clients so that they see visible results and long term benefits. We cannot exchange any treatments nor can they be shared or passed onto anyone else if you do not wish to continue your treatment for any reason or if it expires. No cash alternative will be given. We accept card and cash only.

No refunds on any treatments or a course of treatments paid for in advance will be given.
Nor allowed to be exchanged or transferred for any other goods or services.

Change in Personal Circumstances
If you have any change of medical circumstances ie, treatments, medication, illness or injury etc then we must be notified immediately. If there is any change in personal details such as address, contact details etc then we must be also notified immediately. It is your sole responsibility to notify us of any changes and you may be asked to provide proof.

Loyalty Cards
Please ask for a loyalty card at receptoon. These are kept at JBLC. You will get 1 stamp for spending £15 or more and when full receive £15 off. This can only be stamped once per week. Once starting the loyalty card the first 9 boxes must be completed and used within 1 year. The loyalty card cannot be used in conjunction with any purchases for products,
vouchers, gift cards or shared between clients.

Complaints Procedure
If you have any reason to complain please discuss this with one of our managers in the first instance, hopefully this can be resolved at this stage. If you feel it has not been resolved then please email [email protected] where it will be further investigated and we aim to get back to you within 14 days.

If you haven't visited us before then we hope to welcome you in the near future.  As a starting point we recommend you browse our list of treatments. When you are ready to book an appointment give us a call on 02476 666744.