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Hand & Foot Care


Your Hands should be given more care and attention they deserve. Although hands are often moisturised and pampered they are constantly exposed to the elements, harsh detergents and soap. You need to take care of them. We reccomend a manicure once every 4-6 weeks which involves treatments for the cuticles, cutting & filing your nails exfoliating your hands, finishing with a relaxing massage and paining your nails. Luxury manicure includes paraffin warm wax which completely soften the texture of your skin.


Feet tend to be the most neglected part of the body, so give them some rejuvenating pampering.  Try our luxury pedicure which will leave you very relaxed. We will treat your cuticles, any hard skin will be removed, exfoliate, cut & file your nails. Finish with massage and painting your nails. A paraffin wax treatment can be added in a luxury pedicure. This will leave your skin very soft and smooth.