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Semi Permanent make up - coming soon.

Do you know the benefits of Semi Permanent Make Up and Collagen Induction Therapy? Those wonderful procedures that really help you look and feel the best about yourself.

How wonderful would it be to wake up and go to bed with the perfect eyeliner, lip liner, lip colour and eyebrows? wake up with smoother, younger looking skin?

You can look years younger and more beautiful with Semi Permanent Make Up and Collagen Induction Therapy, by Lasting Beauty.

This treatment includes:
Eyelash Enhancer or Eyeline

This treatment will emphasise your eyes and add natural definition, perfect for swimming or dancing as it will not run, smudge or disappear.

Frame and balance your Eyebrows

I use the best quality colour pigments on the market and a latest hair stroke techniques I will create shape and look that is so natural, but perfectly defined.

Full lip colour

A lip liner can make your lips look fuller and add contour, whilst a lip blush will add definition but create a more natural look, it can also help if you have problems with lip sticks bleeding.

Consultation is FREE for new customers.
You will be seen by a qualified and experienced nurse for over 20 years!!
Treatment on some ocassions can be done on the same day as the consultation.